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Tamara L Svencer

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Tamara Svencer is the mother of 4 children and lives in West Virginia. She has spent most of her life around horses. She wrote the book H.E.R.D Human Equine Relationship Development to help the average horse owner better understand from where the horse is coming from and aid them in deepening their own personal relationships with the horses they love. For her it is all about the horses. She has made it her life mission to be an Equine Advocate & support the betterment of the horses of the world through better understanding of herd dynamics & natural relationships.

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The greatest asset any horseman can possess is his confidence. Learn to lead your horse and be respected through the use of equine behavior. Learn to lead and be relaxed with your horse instead of

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If you have a horse that bites, kicks, tramples or drags you around you have a spoiled horse! Somewhere along the way he has been "taught" that treating people poorly is acceptable just like a

Pets> Horses l 2 years ago

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