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Maya Collins

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My name is Maya and I'm in mid 30s. I have a happy family and my sex life is better than perfect. I know a lot about sex, being a sexual therapist and knowing the importance of sex in a relationship or a marriage. My aim is to help men and women have better sex lives, be happy and make every sexual experience exciting and new.

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Consent gives us something that is both exciting and necessary for the pleasure of you and your partner to find what you both enjoy and discover how you can make the most out of your time. To explore

Relationships> Sexuality l 2 years ago

Are men really into women that talk dirty in the bedroom? If they are, how can you learn to talk dirty the right way - because like everything else, dirty talk can be the best thing to happen to your

Relationships> Sexuality l 2 years ago

To perfect dirty talking, you do not need to take courses on how to be a sex operator, or watch a dozen porn movies. Being good at talking dirty doesn't take a lifetime to practice either; if you

Relationships> Sexuality l 2 years ago

Dirty talk, sometimes referred as naughty talk or sexy talk, is sex play that involves sexual or sensual phrasing to drive oneself and partner's passion and sexual pleasure high through words during

Relationships> Sexuality l 2 years ago

These are some of the most common dirty talk phrases you may have heard of, but there are a lot more that you can use to improve your sex life and make every experience different and memorable. Dirty

Relationships> Sexuality l 2 years ago

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