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Angelina Yannuccelli

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Tea&Sympathy was established in 2011 to service the needs of tea 'junkies' and responsible tea drinkers alike.

A website where you can buy loose leaf tea online

I first had the idea to create Tea&Sympathy in 2010, with a dream to open a specialty tea bar where the oft' neglected tea drinker (and their coffee drinking cousins) could step out and enjoy good quality leaf teas from around the world, learn something new about tea, and taste teas they had never tasted before. This place would also sell your favourite teas to take home, and have personalised service but with no pushy sales staff. I wanted to create a timeless, universal tea haven for residents and visitors to the hamlet of Thornbury.

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Many people are surprised to hear that green tea is grown in Australia. Australia isn't a traditional tea-producing country, although tea has been grown in North Queensland for several decades. Up

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