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Bruce Hoag

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Dr Bruce Hoag is a Work Psychologist and Business Mentor.

His first book (co-authored with Cary L. Cooper), Managing Value-Based Organizations: It's Not What You Think was published in 2006, and received a 5-star rating by the best-selling author Dr Ivan Misner on Amazon.

His second, the eBook How to BE an Entrepreneur, was published earlier this year.

Bruce specializes in helping people to set up their own businesses, especially online.

He teaches MBA students part-time for the University of Phoenix in northern Italy.

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The "acid test" comes from the world of metallurgy, and refers to the purification of gold. This metal rarely occurs in the form of pure nuggets. Instead it has to be extracted from ore, a tedious

Business > Entrepreneurialism l 2 years ago

Achilles was a character in Greek mythology made famous by his heel, which his mother had failed to protect when she dipped him in the River Styx. Paris discovered this secret weakness and exploited

Business > Entrepreneurialism l 2 years ago

Entrepreneurs a just like everyone else in this respect: They prefer smooth-sailing to their destination. But we all know that there are times when we must navigate unexpected changes in the wind and

Business > Entrepreneurialism l 2 years ago

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