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Karen Joyce Williams

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Karen Joyce Williams is a writer, nonprofit consultant, cultural historian and antique dealer who probably spends way too much time with objects hundreds of years older than she is. She also has MS and works daily on staying healthy.

Her rich and varied career path (from dancer to accountant) has helped her become an acknowledged leader in innovative, sustainable fundraising concepts in the areas of arts and culture, healthy communities and intergenerational mentoring. She is an award-winning grantwriter, author, educator and entrepreneur and brings over 20 years of consulting expertise to her clients and projects. Karen is the principal of Gifts, Grants & Gray Matter, a strategies firm specializing in building capacity for small nonprofits. She is also a senior partner in Global Arts Media, an integrative arts and community engineering and design firm where she specializes in creating and building eco-based artist living spaces throughout the world. She writes and consults full-time from TOM TOM, the Long Island arts and culture collective. She has written over 200 articles on such far flung subjects as Curbing for Antiques, Vintage Living, Alternative Multiple Sclerosis Therapies, Grant & Proposal Writing, Homeschooling and Healthy Traveling to Offbeat Lands. You can read her column on Travel and Culture in New York State at Bellaonline.

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Often it is the decrease in verbal fluency, the ability to easily access the words you need when you are speaking (or writing), that sends up the first red flag, but cognitive loss in Relapsing

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