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Else Cederborg

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Recently I have started to publish fiction with AuthorHouse and the Danish publishers SAXO. It is great fun and also it is educational to me as a writer as I up till now have performed solely as a scholar, a critic and a debater. I think I have learnt much about the trade of writing from this new rôle. My AuthorHouse-books are: "A World of Weird Truths and Truthful Weirdnesses", "Knees Bent", and "Love They Said". The fourth book is for children and it is called "The Naughty Peteyboy, Sonya and the Magic Word"

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All of us know Shakespeare's play "Hamlet" (1602). We have been riveted by the story of the unhappy prince of Denmark, his treacherous uncle and all the intrigues at the Danish court that end up in

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