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Carolyn L Stevens

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After spending decades in Design and Marketing, Carolyn now works as a cookery demonstrator. She passionately believes that the different foods we eat affects our health and lifestyle more than most realise. She works to develop new and interesting recipes which are particularly aimed at reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and in alleviating the symptoms of Menières Disease. As business has progressed, she has learned much about the power of online business from a trusted friend and specialist in internet marketing. Now keen to help others make their presence seen on the internet, Carolyn's blog aims to pass on what she has learned in the hope that it will help others to develop their own online business.

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Did that get your attention? It did because you're curious and you want to know more.

Internet Businesses> Internet Marketing l 2 years ago

This article explains in plain English what RSS is. It points out the benefits of subscribing for updates from bookmarked sites via RSS feeds.

Internet Businesses> RSS l 2 years ago

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