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James L. Paris was born in a suburb of Chicago in 1965. Paris is the author of more than twenty books, including the following: Money Management for Those Who Don't Have Any, Living Financially Free, The 10 Day Financial Breakthrough, The Christian Financial Crisis, and Absolutely Amazing Ways To Save Money on Everything. He maintains the websites Christian and Christian Internet According to FINRA, Paris began his career in the financial industry in 1986, initially working for a small regional brokerage firm and then for PaineWeber.

Paris became Vice President of regional securities firm within two years and was managing more than 50 stockbrokers and 130 million dollars of assets under management. While serving as Vice President, Paris was asked to guest host a national radio show for author Charles J. Givens. Jim later become the regular guest host of the program which was syndicated nationally. He has subsequently hosted his own nationally syndicated radio and television programs, published numerous newsletters, and a monthly financial newspaper that was distributed nationally.

Presently, Jim is the Editor-in-Chief of Christian, and also runs Christian Internet, a website and educational service dedicated to helping Christians work toward financial independence by showing them how to set up and operate their own Internet businesses.

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