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Melissa J Magnus

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I am a busy mother with 4 children. I am also a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. My mission is to help mothers to find their Purpose, and achieve their goals, while juggling their children and busy life. Also for her to feel fulfilled and enjoy her journey. The start of my journey as a mother was really rough, I had post-natal depression, exhaustion, money problems etc. I did a lot of self-development which really helped me to get my life together, but I struggled to sift through the information to find the things that I could really relate to as a mother. So I had an idea to put all the best bits that I learned from many different sources into a book. It is called 'Life Coaching for Mothers' and is available free from my website. It is a guide for mothers to help them find their purpose, reach their goals, change their negative beliefs, manage their time and more. I believe the best way I can help this planet is by helping mothers because with happy successful mothers comes great kids who will grow up to be the great men and women of tomorrow!

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Being a mum is hard. I know, I have four children! It's a lot of work, and it's easy to get stressed out sometimes, and get angry at them. If you do get angry at your children, you are not alone. I

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