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Tarra Marie Mitchell

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Tarra has been a corporate Yogini for over a decade, juggling a career in the coveted field of private equity investing and lots of travel with yoga on the side. Now on temporary hiatus from the investment field, she is inspired to teach others about the physical and mental rewards of yoga and specifically how these rewards can positively benefit ones work and ones life. Tarra shares her perspectives through her blog, articles and to her students in the yoga classes that she teaches at Beloved Yoga, Equinox, and Microstrategy's corporate headquarters. Tarra has an International MBA focused on Finance, speaks German and has traveled much of the globe for business and pleasure. She is a registered yoga teacher and is pursuing her advanced yoga training now. Tarra's current projects include a video series, workshops for the desk-bound folks, and online programs, please subscribe to the mailing list for more information.

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I had to write SOMETHING given this crazy chatter about Ann Romney 'never having worked a day in her life'.  I'm a relatively new mom to a 3 yr old.

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