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Liam T Hancock

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Hey everybody! This is Liam from Nevada City, CA. My main passion and focus right now is Health coaching and facilitating people towards more vibrancy and harmony in their lives. I also currently work at a live food/vegetarian restaurant here called the Fix for Foodies, as well as with a local permaculture collective, Fruitful Earth. I graduated from the University of GA in 2008 with focus in Anthropology & Creative Writing, after which time I began traveling, living on various farms & spiritual communities, and essentially figuring out the nuts & bolts of who I am, what my purpose is, and what I really, truly value.

I am an avid gardener, musician, and lover of life. I am most interested in meditation & sound, and would love to see and create a World of Super-Heros, Jedis, Buddhas, _____ fill in the blank with your favorite hyper-actualized light-being.

My Mission is to

Co-Create a Culture of Vibrancy and Harmony through Holistic Health Education and Sonic Nutrition (Sonic Nutrition: how sound affects our Health & Wellbeing).

I do this through holistic health consulting and education, living the lifestyle I guide people through, and playing peaceful tunes to soothe my Heart & Soul. Bless you all!

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This article is all about the Raw Cacao Craze, especially as it relates to its role in regenerative culture, from Right Livelihood, to Eco-Activism, to the Ceremonial uses of cacao. It is the final

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