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Jeannie O Blankenship

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Jeannie Blankenship, owner of Jeannie's Hair Company for over forty years, uses many of her plus size [women clients] as models in hair shows she host. Jeannie was a member of The Board of Cosmetology where she worked with the State Legislature on the laws governing Cosmetology Continuing Education Units. She teaches Continuing Education Classes for hairdressers to renew their license. It has been her passion to design hair styles for the plus woman that will flatter their face. She discovered that when the style is gorgeous, the plus size woman is gorgeous and loves her size. The hair style becomes a tool to make her size an asset. The plus size woman changes her color and style frequently and because of this, her hair frequently becomes [damaged dry and frizzy]. Jeannie teaches classes to hairdressers on how to repair damaged hair. As an owner of Antoniou Ltd., a Manufacturer of products made in the USA, Jeannie has been â?¢ Directing development and testing of New Products for damaged hair and hair loss â?¢ Working with National Advertising Agencies for TV and Trade Magazines â?¢ Implementing training course for Design Team Certification â?¢ Participating with instruction and demonstration at the International Hair Show in NY â?¢ Teaching Advanced Haircutting and Corrective Color Techniques in Certified Continuing Education Classes â?¢ Directing the Antoniou Design Team which performs at hair shows and classes â?¢ Directing The Hair Repair Team which includes many hairdressers who test, compare, and rate new hair products. They report and demonstrate their results to their clients and other hairdressers

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The hair style is the most important asset of the plus size woman's total look. It is the first things a stranger notices about the woman. A flattering hair style is a necessity for any woman who

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