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Cindra Lee Henry

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For most of my professional career, I have dedicated myself to helping individuals learn to more authentically express who they are - whether in their choice of clothing or in creating a new career. As a former staffing professional I know that how you present yourself creates how you are received and perceived in this world.

Every single person on this planet is uniquely valuable, beautiful, and they have a purpose for being alive. Through the work I do, I help my clients connect more deeply to the beauty of who they are and then learn to express it in what they do and how they dress.

After many years in the staffing industry, I discovered that there were people who bounced back easily after a lay-off, people who easily reinvented themselves, and people who were always going to be working. Then there were the people who created healthy professional careers for themselves, worked at that career for decades, and after being displaced from those careers never worked again. What was the difference?

The difference between these two groups was sadly simple and deeply complex.

The first group that easily bounced back were people who had a clear connection to their own worth. They knew who they were as individuals and simply brought that to each and every job they did. The second group attached the value of who they were to the career they created. Once the career was gone they were lost and unsure of their worth or value in any other setting.

Granted, this is a gross over-simplification of a complex and troubling problem. But for the most part, in my experience, when a person could reconnect to the value of who they were as a human being then then could begin to create a new life and a new career. It became my passion to help people make that discovery.

Similarly, within the fashion world, as a Full-Figured Fashion & Wardrobe Specialist I have watched perfectly beautiful women struggle to simply hide themselves with the clothes they selected because they weren't as young, or slender, or tall, or short or whatever the fashion industry had convinced them was "beautiful."

It has, therefore, become my passion to help each individual awaken to the fact that they are uniquely beautiful, valuable, and worthy. Because it is within that awakening that we each begin to truly contribute to the world.

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