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Alexis R Krosov

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Alexis Krosov is a fictional writer and superhero fanatic. He has published several write-ups for local and national newspapers and magazines regarding famous heroes, female heroes, Greek heroes and the likes.

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Martin Luther King Jr. is a famous hero not only for the black masses in America but also for the other racial classes all over the world. His preaching and activism has made thousands of people

Arts & Entertainment> Humanities l 2 years ago

The definition of a hero is contextual. The act of heroism may mean something to one person and nothing at all to the others that sometimes it turns out to be more of an archetype than the standard

Arts & Entertainment> Philosophy l 2 years ago

What if one day you wake up and you can't do the things that you've always loved anymore? This is exactly how the young men of Gridiron Heroes are. They are a group of high school football players

Recreation & Sports> Football l 2 years ago

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