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Pattaya's first and only new property search engine \ definitive source for information about Pattaya's construction market. We are not a developer - nor a traditional agency. Because of this, we are able to provide you with a much different perspective than either. Our no-hassle property search service is free of charge, and the information section on this site should also provide some answers to you about shopping for new property in Pattaya.

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Planning to go to Thailand? If you are, maybe you would like to consider going somewhere far from the attractions of Thailand's new world tourism capitals of Bangkok and Phuket. Perhaps the less busy

Real Estate> Condominiums l 2 years ago

Some properties in Pattaya are a complete sell off to real estate consumers. Some on the other hand are not. Given this condition then, something about what does or does not sell to property buyers

Real Estate> Condominiums l 2 years ago

When we say European kitchens, we actually pertain to various designs and styles. Hungarian kitchens for instance have hand stenciled cupboards or kitchen cabinets with too much folk art designs

Real Estate> Condominiums l 2 years ago

The condominium types found in Pattaya range from those that offer resort style living to those that offer a classic lifestyle. All condominium developers would claim that their development is the

Real Estate> Condominiums l 2 years ago

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