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Jesse Fisher is a 30-year resident of Utah and transplant from Plano, Texas. Because of his "addiction to problem-solving", he received his Bachelors in Math from BYU. For "fun" he took four Computer Science classes and over the next 12 years he spent his free time figuring out how to create such things as artificial intelligence programs and fractal generators.

Having gained a professional background in graphic arts and programming, the Internet became Jesse Fisher's new love in 1996. His first website showcased the results of an earlier love -- genealogy. After completing the Fisher Family History website, he asked himself the question that thousands of new website owners ask themselves now every day...

"How do I get people to visit my site?"

Over the next six years he successfully answered that question for the websites of his next three employers, a private mint and two construction companies.

"I increased my last employer's website traffic 9100% over a 16-month period. The site was bringing in more referrals than they could possibly handle. I had discovered the secrets to getting websites into the top 10 search results on the major search engines. We were number one on Google for a very competitive phrase in our industry.

Fisher knew he had a model that could greatly help companies succeed -- so, in 2001, he started Website Promotion Experts, Inc. (WebPromo) and started helping other companies part time. In February of 2003, Fisher went full-time and was particularly happy when his company beat the statistics for start-ups and sailed past the 5-year mark in 2008.

WebPromo now owns and manages over 100 websites -- his first customers are still very loyal because of his skill in making his clients' websites their number one source of new business.

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