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John R. Heisner

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Bio: Master Mason John R. Heisner

John R. Heisner has been a Master Mason since 1968; served as Chaplain, Senior Deacon, Junior Warden, Senior Warden and Worshipful Master of Amity Lodge No. 442 in San Diego, California, and serves presently as its Officer's Coach in Masonic ritual; is a founding member of Lux Lodge, a European Traditional Lodge, where he presently serves as Officer's Coach in Masonic ritual; a member of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in San Diego, where he currently serves as an officer in the Lodge of Perfection and has thrice been awarded the Albert Pike trophy for excellence in the performance of Scottish Rite ritual; a member of Al Bahr Shrine since 1976; a member of the York Rite Bodies, Knights Templar, Allied Masonic Degrees, York Rite College and the Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine. Mr. Heisner is also a member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitibus Foederatis.

Mr. Heisner has also been a practicing attorney in the State of California since 1973 and is currently a partner and trial specialist in the San Diego law firm, Sullivan Hill Lewin Rez & Engel, where he emphasizes complex business litigation, trade secret litigation, real estate and probate litigation. He formerly served as an Assistant District Attorney, Deputy District Attorney and Special Assistant United States Attorney. As a criminal prosecutor, Mr. Heisner investigated and prosecuted organized crime, public official corruption and major fraud matters.

In his professional capacity, Mr. Heisner has also chaired several committees for the San Diego County Bar Association and been a member of various criminal justice committees. In addition, Mr. Heisner has taught a trial advocacy class at the University of San Diego School of Law since 1994.

Within his community, Mr. Heisner has served as president and director of his homeowner's association, participated in the immigrant nationalization process as a member of Kiwanis and is a member of a church in Coronado, California. He is married, father to four adult children and grandfather of five young children.

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