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David C White

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David White is an Internet search pioneer and entrepreneur with a background in electronics, computing and engineering design. A recognised expert on the search optimisation and market industry, David has chaired the IAB UK and Europe's Task Force on Search which is setting the standards for the industry.

He speaks on the Search Engine Marketing at various events, for example chairing the Search Engine Marketing conference and a number of other prestigious events here and over seas. As CEO and Managing Director of the Weboptimiser Group Ltd, David has led the company successfully through a period of market growth and development. As the head of the company's research and development function David White personally designed and created several of the company's services, tools and technologies. He plays an active role in all areas of the company, from logistics and finance to recruitment, sales and production.

David Whites first major career break came when he designed an innovative new keyboard for the Sinclair Spectrum micro-computer, at which point he founded his first company. With the company success under his belt, his next move was to Rank Xerox where he was awarded Membership of the Honours Club for his outstanding sales performance.

In 1991 David White founded his second company, and it was whilst working for this successful business development company that in 1996 David identified a new form of Internet marketing which he added to the company's service portfolio. The service, search engine optimisation, proved so successful that in 1998, Weboptimiser was launched as a separate entity.

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