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Lance Seeto

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Chef Seeto is an international food and travel writer, author and chef living in the exotic South Pacific islands of Fiji. He has discovered a country and a people that doesn't live like most of the world and has not become as Westernized or consumed by consumerism, globalization or social conformity. The descendants of an ancient civlization still have their native traditions, beliefs, land and social structure in tact, and at their core lifestyle is happiness, respect and compassion. And their unique genes and abundance of fresh organic & wild foods have protected the native people against the same global epidemic in food allergies and autoimmune disorders. Fiji is how the world should really be. If you ever wanted to know if there is a better to live. If you seek inspiration from an entire culture that is happier, more content and lives in religious harmony. Then follow Lance on his culinary journey of humanity to explore, discover and be inspired by a native civilization.

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According to the medical profession there is no known cure for asthma, or is there? Hidden in the South Pacific islands of Fiji, a natural remedy using a sacred coconut has been known and documented

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