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Joe Maristela

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I write for kicks. I picked up surfing in the Philippines. I picked up a cruel sense of humor from growing up in Atherton, California. I attended medical school in California. Sue me. I audited law school courses and seminars in Oregon. I listen to top 40 music, and alternative rap and hip hop. I love emcee battle controversies. I'm a video game junkie. So what. Look up my stats. I'm going to live forever. literally. I have a trust fund established explicitly for medication and experimental surgeries. But: Kurzweil's a hack.

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A look at the growth of the judging panel of American Idol. The writer discusses the changes in the panel and its reactions from the public.

Arts & Entertainment> Movies TV l 2 years ago

An insight on the popularity of The Vampire Diaries. Several reasons why it clicked to the audience.

Arts & Entertainment> Movies TV l 2 years ago

Movies based off other media is a popular trend right now. However, is it worth the effort to see comics and games on the big screens? What are the limitations and what can go wrong in the creative

Arts & Entertainment> Movies TV l 2 years ago

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