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Chris Saliba

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Member since: Mar 01, 2012

Chris Saliba is a freelance writer and book reviewer from Melbourne, Australia.

He has ten years experience working in the financial services industry and also writes articles on a range of work place topics.

His hobbies include gardening, reading and cooking.

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Andrew Fowler has written a thoughtful and considered book that examines the personality of Julian Assange, the global significance of his creation Wikileaks, and the impacts that this freedom of

Book Reviews> Current Affairs l 3 years ago

Professor Hugh White has turned out a quite alarming essay on future security issues confronting Australia. As China rises, its power will put the squeeze not only on America, but also on countries

Book Reviews> Current Affairs l 3 years ago

Rather than write a gossipy, tell-all book about the inside workings of the Rudd Government, former Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner has opted to perform a piece of community service. Sideshow is a

News & Society> Politics l 3 years ago

In this well written and deeply thought out book, Nicholas Carr examines what the Internet is doing to the way we think, read and remember. While speed and accessibility has brought many benefits,

Articles Categories> Internet Businesses l 3 years ago

Prominent Australian intellectual Robert Manne has published a stimulating volume of collected essays called Making Trouble. For anyone wanting to catch up on the last five years of Australian

News & Society> Politics l 3 years ago

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