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John Hayes Jr

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John P. Hayes JR, DC, MS, DABCO President, Perfect Practice Web LLC NeuropathyDR

With 30+ years of Private Practice of successful multidisciplinary Healthcare with a focus on integrated case management of peripheral neuropathy and chronic pain, Dr Hayes has an extensive clinically balanced background, and still works actively with many MDs, DMDs, DPMs PTs DCs PAs RNs, and others whose sole purpose is to deliver excellence in patient care.

Our patients as well as professional consulting clients know that Life Long health rests on a balance of regular care, proper nutrition, fitness programs, stress management, as well as mental health, with an emphasis on preventive healthcare.

Dr Hayes can be contacted regarding speaking and consulting by phone at 781-754-0599 or by emailing

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When you were a little kid, and you got those scrapes from falling down, or maybe the assault from a bully. Or even something worse. Just like me you learned that being "sick" certainly brings more

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