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Arwa Manasawala

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Arwa is a freelance journalist living in the beautiful city of Mumbai in India. Mumbai is a city of opportunities so learning new things and getting more and more knowledge became much easier for her. She is an ex-student of Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai which is a distinguished University for Mass Communication. She started her career as writer for a teenage portal which didn't sustain for long in the competitive world of websites. But it was all-in-all a good learning experience and also a lot of fun. She is passionate about reading, travelling, watching movies and writing. Being a creative person creativity in any form comes naturally to her; whether it is jotting an article on the laptop, splashing paints on a canvas or dishing out a new recipe in the microwave. So also dotcoms give her the perfect platform to trigger her withheld desires of getting her work published. In today's world the internet gives a person the freedom to express his ideas and views, yet how an individual uses this resource depends entirely on him. Some might use it only as a pastime while others might take such things seriously to express their opinions sincerely, just like Arwa. Throughout her life she has been socially active, either by joining the Rotaract Club in her college days or attending the Landmark Education Programme and assisting for them in her free time. Doing Feng Shui and NLP workshops, dabbling at candle making, trying her hand at Papier Mache` or crafting ceramic artifacts are some of the things shes scrabbled at. Environmental issues, feminism, kids related psychological problems and issues cropping up due to generation gaps are some of the topics she has tried to cover whether through her blogs or through her features published. 'Live and let live' is her motto in life. 'Live life to the fullest', 'Never harm a soul' and 'As long as you're not wrong, (then) you're quite right' is what she believes in. She feels, "If you have an answer to all the questions your conscience asks you, you are treading the right path; 'cause you must remember that you are answerable only and only to yourself". She is fascinated by Howard Roark simplicity and honesty in The Fountainhead and the 'Win-Win situation' described in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

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