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Cliff Williams' personal and work history are rich in oil and gas. His great-uncle, Arthur Bowsher, helped map the North Slope of Alaska and develop fields in the Middle East. Cliff's grandfather, James Hall Sr., had a long history of drilling and completing wells in and around Amarillo and with this history it was inevitable that Cliff would pursue energy.

Cliff's exposure to oil and gas began in the late 80's with obtaining securities licenses to sell limited partnerships in developing fields in west Texas. Moving from the Dallas/Fort Worth area to the natural gas fields of South Louisiana, Cliff was the operations manager for a small, independent oil and gas company before moving into the land department.

Cliff and his wife of 25 years then opened a company buying and selling producing and speculation royalty before moving back to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to work in the Barnett Shale. It was during the boom of the Barnett Shale that Cliff took the step of going back to school to work on his law degree.

He graduated from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law with a Juris Doctorate and passed the bar while working full-time and helping his beautiful wife Angelia, raise their 4 wonderful children. Cliff Williams knows how to handle multiple tasks and see them all through to completion.

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