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Alissa Lukara is passionate about supporting writers and authors to write books that touch people's hearts and souls and catalyze their transformation. She is just as committed to her own call to write fiction and nonfiction books that make a difference. That's why she guides online and in person writing workshops, eCourses and retreats for both fiction and nonfiction writers and why she is a writing coach, developmental editor, and speaker. She's been called a "book whisperer."

A professional writer for 25 years, Alissa Lukara has been widely published (hundreds of articles, a memoir and nonfiction book with a small and large publisher, poetry) and is the author of the memoir, Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul (Silver Light Publications, 2007). She has given presentations to thousands and has been interviewed on radio and TV across the country.

For 11 years, Alissa was also creator, president and editor for, an 800-page website that offered self-help tools and inspirational, transformational articles and stories for millions of people facing adversity in 110 countries. She hosted the award-winning community television program, "Transcending Life Challenges."

As a former PR executive, Alissa implemented national publicity campaigns for companies and individuals and now uses that expertise to guide transformational writers on how to build an impressive following for their nonfiction books, memoirs, novels and blogs - a must to get published in today's market - and to prepare them for media interviews.

Alissa is currently writing a novel, entitled Secrets of the Trees. She is also completing a nonfiction book on the transformational journey of writing.

Alissa makes her home in Ashland, Oregon with her life partner, Jonah Blue, also a writer, and their cat, Charlie.

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Written words have a special power when you read your writing out loud - for yourself in the quiet of an empty room or for others in a group. Not just finished, polished pieces, but drafts of books,

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