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Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen

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Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is an author, success coach, speaker and trader. She facilitates profound change in her clients. Her unique, at times wacky coaching techniques change lives: Clients report total transformation in the way they see themselves and how they function as business people, parents and spouses. Her thought provoking, cutting edge teachings awaken consciousness and self healing powers creating a new sense of self worth and happiness in her clients.

Mercedes is passionate about sharing her knowledge with as many people as possible and has written several books on the subjects of Financial Freedom, Trading and Investment Psychology, Relationships.

Her new on-line course offers her latest insights facilitating self coaching at a very high level. The course is a powerful, affordable way to evolve and transform to the next level of consciousness.

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There is a price to pay for financial freedom you are hoping to achieve with your trading. Alas it is not what you think it is. Hard work has not produced master traders. In fact most people who work

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