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Samantha Jane Griffiths

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I awoke this morning and as per usual checked my daily emails. An unknown stranger tweaked at my soul as the words on the page resonated deep within. My fingers started to dance as the newly engaged brain neurons jumped excitedly throughout my body. Just like the funny little scurrying fiend from the Adams Family "Hand", so too did my fingers begin communicating.

I wondered if an outside force had taken possession of these manic little people, all ten of them writing their own story, yet connected intricately to an unknown land. I observed as they silently listened to the voices reaching out to tell their story. This morning they heard the voice of a silent literary voice suddenly awakened to the noise of the pages turning.

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An alien world was revealed to us after what proved to be a fortuitous incident that left my mum void of memory for a 24 hour period. After this incident, constipation came on suddenly along with

Cancer> Colon Rectal Cancer l 2 years ago

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