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Lucas Smatana

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Got a passion for betta fish? Me too. Like any hobby there are little tricks that can make all the difference. And I like sharing those by writing informative articles that can help others insure their bettas stick around for a good long time.

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Does it seem your betta has lost it zest for life? Is it sick or is it simply slowing down as a concession to aging? Learn what to watch for as your betta advances in years.

Pets> Fish l 2 years ago

Do you know why java ferns might be the best type of plant for your betta tank? It can not only beautify your aquarium but they can do things other plants may not be able to do for your betta fish.

Pets> Fish l 2 years ago

Do you know the four reasons why bettas and peace lilies in a vase do not a perfect set up for your fish make? Before you jump in maybe you should explore these so you can make an informed decision.

Pets> Fish l 2 years ago

You've seen the videos. You're taken with the idea of breeding betta fish. It's sounds exciting and fun. But is it? What do you really know about breeding them? Are you ready? This articles gives you

Pets> Fish l 2 years ago

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