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Jerry Standefer

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I would like to first thank you for visiting my Bio.

I am a retired electrician with 34 years experience with electrical systems, controls, and energy management expertise. For the last 10 years of working with electrical systems I developed a love for information technology. I started my computer career with a ├é┬ęCommodore 64 many years ago, and to this very day I remain amazed at all the information available on the World Wide Web. Using this vast network of information I developed a company called "JBSNET Marketing" which I founded many years ago. The main purpose of this company was only something that I have dreamed about, but to bring forth information websites that other people can benefit from. Today, I work with over 20 different websites that help people solve many problems such as energy solutions, health issues, and even help with relationships.

While I still have a need for knowledge, I still take time for family and friends. I love sports, going on cruises, family functions, and relaxing by the pool and serving people from my tiki bar which I built. Another one of my joys of life is helping to raise money for charitable organizations.

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