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Sam Rodman

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Sam Rodman grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. As a young adult, he moved to SouthWest Florida and began cleaning offices in the evening. Eventually he started his own cleaning service and grew the business to where he had many employees and operated in two cities throughout the area. Sam became very successful over a 20 year period with his business. Sam is now the author of 5 successful ebooks. The Instant Office Cleaning Kit, Instant House Cleaning Kit, Strategic Bidding Results,How to Be a Successful Affiliate,and EASY eBOOK.

Sam writes about proven results from his own experience which has helped many people all over the country to get started and succeed. His instructional books have risen in rank on the Clickbank Marketplace to the top 10 from over 10,000 others. Sam enjoys writing instructional books that are easy to understand and very useful to his readers. In his spare time, Sam enjoys writing, internet marketing and crafting wood projects.

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