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Michael McMeekin

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For nearly 30 years in sales I have had the pleasure of working with some great sales people, companies and colleagues. The experience I have gained both pleasurable and at times painful has helped me hone my sales skills.

This experience has enabled me in the last three years with Arrow Sales to have successfully trained, coached, helped, worked alongside and mentored hundreds of individuals and companies to improve their sales skills and performance and at the same time increase their sales.

My passion is to improve everyone's sales skills however I always say that sales training doesn't work unless you are focussed, determined and prepared to put into practice what you have learned.

The best results are from those people that know they have some improvement to make and are determined to improve.

When it comes to improving sales performance my approach is dependent on the individual or the organisations requirements. It may be that a short series of one to one sessions or a one off workshop on a particular sales subject or bespoke training for a sales team or in some cases a fine tuning of existing sales skills.

So if you are frustrated with your current sales performance be it ï?¼ Finding new prospects and opportunities ï?¼ Talking to, qualifying and spend time with the right opportunities ï?¼ Making sales presentations that prospects don't buy from ï?¼ Delivering far too many proposals that don't turn into orders

If you want to improve your sales skills, serious about increasing your sales and most importantly prepared to put in some hard work please contact me as I may be the person that can help you achieve success.

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