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Irena Pergjika

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Hello Everyone! My name is Irena S. Pergjika and I come from a small country located in Southern Europe named Albania. I was raised in Thessaloniki, Greece and when i was 12 years old i moved with my family to New York City.

Life has been everything but an easy path for me. It has taken me through depression and back. Although the path was rocky, i never gave up. I kept on pushing and took life day by day and with the support of my wonderful family i was able to overcome depression on my own without any medications or therapy. Right now I'm enrolled in college as a liberal arts major but my passion is to become a doctor of psychology. I also work part time at a doctors office as a receptionist.

I've recently started my own website as well which you can visit if you click on the link i provided below. I love exploring mental illnesses and helping people understand them better as well as making them aware of them. I also touch upon everyday life struggles and give out my best advice.

Connect with me and lets change one day at a time someones life for the better!

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