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Sybal Janssen started life in a very small town of ranchers and wheat farmers in the West. She grew up in a family of mavericks; all of them adventurers and original thinkers who never hesitated to try new things, or go new places. She strives to live her own life guided by that famous line by Dylan Thomas, "Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light." According to her personal philosophy you should never think of yourself as "over the hitll' but always think of yourself as starting on the upward curve. Retired from corporate life in 2012, she is designing a second career and a more rewarding lifestyle for herself by encouraging others to do the same.

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The good news is that a meat grinder is not absolutely necessary if you are implementing a raw feeding program for your cat or cats. Nevertheless, I definitely recommend acquiring a good grinder

Pets> Cats l 2 years ago

Many shy away from "raw feeding" their cats because they have fears about the safety of handling raw meat. An easy and inexpensive method to handle raw meat safely is sanitizing both the meat and the

Pets> Cats l 2 years ago

The risk of your healthy cat acquiring a salmonella infection as a result of raw feeding is negligible. Of course that statement is based on the assumption that you are not just tossing road kill

Pets> Cats l 2 years ago

Most likely, your cat is unhealthy because you are feeding him food with grain as an ingredient. Are your veterinarian bills mounting up because your cat has one health problem after another?

Book Reviews> Pets l 2 years ago

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