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James H Duer III

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I first and foremost am eternally grateful to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The grace I have received in my life is nothing short of a complete miracle. I have four beautiful children and an incredible wife. They are the physical presence of grace in my life. I am a graduate of Michigan State University and have completed a master's program at Indiana Wesleyan University. I have been a self-employed builder in Michigan since 1991. This past year I received an appointment through the Wesleyan church as an associate pastor. I am the Youth Life pastor at an urban church in Muskegon Michigan. I enjoy the outdoors through camping, fishing, hunting, waterskiing, cross country skiing, and many other outdoor activities. My passion to build, develop, design, and create gives me the inspiration to write and promote sustainable living. Composting, harvesting rainwater, and gardening are some ways I am helping people be good stewards of creation.

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Humanities need for food, shelter, and clean water has not changed in six thousand years. Rainwater harvesting is growing in popularity in the 21st Century. The information age is causing an

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The benefits of gardening are great for the soul. The benefits of raised gardening beds are great for the gardener. A little more work up front allows for much more fun later.

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