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Gauri Sankar

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Retired senior manager from a nationalized bank in India. Having qualifications - MBA, BSc, CAIIB - Trainer for banking subjects and soft skills - freelance writer - financial consultant - presently residing in Chennai/India

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In the book titled, "The one minute millionaire" written by Mark Victor Hansen published by Vermillon and distributed by Ruba and Company, the author briefly describes a parable about Michelle, a

Book Reviews> Self Help l 2 years ago

In order to analyze the balance sheet and profit and loss account pertaining to any firm, ratio analysis serves as an important tool. Especially seasoned bankers and financial institutions are making

Finance > Credit l 2 years ago

Ratio analysis helps in analyzing the financial statements of any firm namely; the balance sheet and profit and loss account. In fact the credit analysts who are employed by the bankers and financial

Finance > Credit l 2 years ago

Stakeholder is a person interested in the affairs of any firm or company. Normally this term is used when it comes to security markets. When a company is in a position to raise its capital, the

Finance > Credit l 2 years ago

The investors who invest money in any company are called as the stakeholders. The main purpose of investing money is to improve monetary gains by receiving regular dividends and by virtue of growth

Business > Accounting l 2 years ago

It is the duty and responsibility of any banker to ascertain the eligibility of a customer during the course of taking a decision to grant him a loan. Of course, the loan may be for a small amount or

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