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First and foremost I am a dad and father and like nothing better than to enjoy time with my wife and daughter. I wish I could say that I am an expert at being a dad but I would be lying if I did. Being a dad is about making mistakes and God knows that I have made my share but where we can better ourselves in our role as a dad is to learn from our mistakes. I have always believed that if I was to talk about anything in life publicly, it had to be from experience. I do sincerely strive to ensure that the articles that I write reflect my desire to place before my audience something personal, something tried and tested and something positively uplifting to their journey in life.

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Kids misbehaving have been a cause of frustration to many a parent. 'I give them whatever they ask and yet they misbehave' stated one parent and another had this to say: 'I constantly send my kids to

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