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Lauren Denos

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Lauren Denos has been in and around the fitness and nutrition industry for 15 years. She has multiple certifications in fitness and nutrition and holds a B.S in natural health. She is constantly improving her knowledge and effectiveness by continuing her studies. She has delt with many health and eating issues of her own which gives her fist hand knowledge of many of the challenges others are facing with their health. She speaks publicly on health and fitness, teaches workshops and is currently working on a book about healthy motivation. Her life goal is to help others live full out. Meaning, to help other reach their full potential.

Her philosophy- LIVE FULL OUT! Enjoy life to the fullest extent. I believe that we should truly enjoy life, and live it to the fullest extent. Whether you are looking at your job, your relationship or your health I believe that we should enjoy it.

Love who you are. Find the things about yourself you do love. Remember, we are always working on improving ourselves so why not also accept who we are now and build upon that.

Why put off till tomorrow what you could do today? In one year from now where will you be? Why put off what you want in life? Whether it is your fitness or education or just something you have always wanted to experience do it today or at least get the plans for achieving it together today!

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With the current trend of getting in shape and eating better comes the concept of having a healthy workforce. The quality of our employees determines the quality of the company. You may think that

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