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Anastasia Chopelas

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Prof. Chopelas spent a lifetime practicing healthy habits, but despite this, she developed several "middle-aged" conditions: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, arthritis, and fibroid tumors. Using her analytical skills developed in over 40 years as a research scientist, she has distilled the deluge of information on all these conditions to a series of lifestyle and dietary changes that can cure or at least ease the condition to reduce dependency on medication and increase quality of life and longevity. She is free from all those conditions and wishes to help others attain this level of health and vibrancy. Her first series of books is "Get Rid of Bad Cholesterol." She received degrees from UCLA and Caltech, with a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

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Cholesterol is essential to live and is in every cell of your body. It serves several important vital functions, especially hormonal, neural and digestive. "Good" and "Bad" cholesterol serve

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