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Dorothy Ann Spry

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Dorothy Spry IABMCP is an award winning business psychologist coach, trainer, researcher and author. Drawing on her research and expertise in the field of emotional intelligence training, accreditations, coaching and development led Dorothy to explore more robust, psychologically researched and evidenced based forms of coaching. Coaching that would provide a coach or client with the tools and techniques in which to build authentic emotionally intelligent behaviours.

Dorothy is author of the Psychometric Testing and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Pocketbooks by Management Pocketbooks.

She has gained recognition as an approved Institute of Leadership and Managment Centre and offers blended E-learning approaches and Certified Coaching qualifications in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching to develop Emotional Intelligence

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Research has proven that those with high levels of EI are less stressed, healthier, happier at home and at work and have healthier interpersonal relationships. Emotional Intelligence is measured by

Business > Workplace Communication l 2 years ago

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) is fast becoming a popular practice in many areas of business because the benefits of the process are far reaching. It's an effective practice for Human Resource

Business > Workplace Communication l 2 years ago

Human Resource (HR) managers are increasingly being trained in the practice of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) for the workplace. Managers who use CBC are effectively guiding employees to

Business > Workplace Communication l 2 years ago

Low Emotional Intelligence (EI) has many negative effects when it exists in the workplace. Employees with low EI, or a lack of self-awareness and self-control of thoughts, are counter-productive to

Business > Workplace Communication l 2 years ago

Businesses that have attracted and hired employees who have high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI) are efficient and successful companies. They have set a standard for operation, and are working

Business > Workplace Communication l 2 years ago

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