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Jeff Sekerak

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Jeff Sekerak is a former Alaskan Commercial Fisherman, and fast-food addict, turned 'Super-Fit Vegan.' He is the author of the excellent, concise, book/dvd, The Super-Fit Vegan: Raw Plant Foods and Body-Weight Exercise for Natural Beauty, a Lean Athletic Body, and Life-Long health, From the Inside Out. Great, totally useful and easy-to-implement stuff! :-)

Jeff also operates the website; heads the fast-growing facebook group, Vegan Super Fitness Group; records useful workout tips and strategies on the youtube channel; and writes the blog,

He has committed to a lifetime of the HIGH-RAW VEGAN DIET and BODY-WEIGHT EXERCISE; the 'twin-fold' true path to great health, a simple life, and supreme fitness. Btw: You can too! :-)

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After you've completed a great, body-weight workout in the morning, drink a green smoothie. Then relax in a comfortable chair, in total silence. And enjoy the MASSIVE BENEFITS OF MEDITATION, in just

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