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Divya Vinai Shah

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From a young age, Author's passion for reading has given her wonderful opportunities to grow and explore a variety of subjects like knowing God, delving into spirituality, grasping the magic of the Universal Laws. Her cosmopolitan upbringing gave her access to myriad of ancient teachings. She learnt how to comprehend and grow herself with the help of her innate qualities. Her researches lead her to explore nature's ability to heal our bodies and mind in totality.

In her book she has shared twenty-three years of experience on some of the most intriguing concepts that have given her profound results and which has compelled her to write this book. The Soul Frequencies - the road map of life.

She trusts the source of these insights and knows them as God's given gifts, for her to share them with our world. Thus her writing is different, however very practical for our lives on this earth. Some of her experiences may resonate with our own. If they don't, she requests us to keep an open mind while reading or listening to this book. Her sincere desire today is to touch our heart in someway. Her intention is not to make us uncomfortable while reading this book but the contrary. Today She wants to share her experiences, excitements and bliss while listening or reading this book.

Since a long time she has been encouraged to write a book by friends, family and sometimes even complete strangers, whom she had a chance meeting and shared a few of the interesting concepts, that she has learnt and use daily to create a joyful and fulfilling life.

Therefore finally here it is. the soul frequencies..the road map of life by Divya Vinai Shah. The Soul Frequencies, Visionary & Founder.

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Can we feel on top of this world? Can we heal once we understand how energies work? The answer is YES.

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