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Laurren Schmoyer owned one of the largest aquarium stores on the East Coast for over 25 years. He also owned a service company maintaining freshwater, saltwater and reef aquariums in homes and offices for over 28 years. A Florida native, he moved to High Point with his mother and two brothers in 1972, where at the age of 13, he got his first job at a pet store. His love for animals prompted his study in Biology at UNCG.

After graduating from college, he searched for a career he could enjoy. Keeping fish aquariums both as a hobby and a job seemed like the ideal solution; Laurren opened an aquarium service company and began servicing aquariums in the Greensboro area. Immediately his phone started ringing with simple fish-keeping questions. Laurren felt the area needed a knowledgeable aquarium store. Armed with ambition, no money and a baby on the way he decided to create one. In a family-owned space the tiny fish store materialized early in 1984.

Since these meager beginnings, Aquamain's Fish World grew into one of the largest aquarium stores on the east coast. Laurren grew his small retail aquarium store of 1,500 square feet into a 10,000 square foot superstore. After 25 years, Laurren left Aquamain's Fish World, taking with him the aquarium service clients and opened a new aquarium service company to pursue a different adventure. He has spent many years teaching and training customers the experts' way to keep fish, plants, invertebrates and corals healthy and thriving for years. His desire and passion is to share his knowledge so everyone can be a successful hobbyist. He now spends his time writing guides, books, magazine articles and creating informative videos.

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