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Linda Robert

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My name is Linda Robert.

I've lived a life of opportunity and abundance, which has included living and working in various parts of Ontario, including Ottawa, Canada's Capital and now in Rockland. I've worked in the employment consulting field, mental health field and education field for several years as well as in law enforcement.

I've always researched and studied personal and professional development. As a teacher, I am extremely interested in practical and experiential learning experiences and incorporate this in my teaching style. I believe strongly in professional and personal development and for that reason I am continually seeking opportunities for growth.

Apart from the joy of being a mother of two and grand-mother of one, I also experience joy by continually seting new targets for my life. My "low-level mid-life crisis" in my 40's has given me first-hand knowledge in how difficult it is to 'bounce-back'. I'll often write about change, wellness, relationships and redesigning yourself partly because it helps me to challenge myself, and secondly because I know someone out there will read this and benefit from it.

I read for pleasure, dance and sing to express my creative side, knit and sew for peace of mind, walk and bike for exercise,' journal to tap into my spiritual side and to vent my frustrations and joys, and get together with friends for fun.

Having earned and been blessed with accomplishments, unique experiences, close friends, and a loving family, I wish the same for everyone.

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