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Miriam B Medina

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I am a website administrator, researcher and historian with 14 years of experience. I am also an active member of the following societies: The New York Historical Society, Urban History Association, American Association for State and Local History, Advocate Member of the National Law Center On Homelessness and Poverty, the National Council for History Education, The Foundation For the National Archives, National Associate Member of the Smithsonian Institute, Member of the National Italian American Foundation, American Italian Historical Association and Associate Member of the American Translators Association.

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There have been many extraordinary moments in your life, magical moments that may have taken your breath away. Those moments are strongly etched into your mind permanently, becoming an integral part

Arts & Entertainment> Poetry l 2 years ago

Unfortunately, today, too many people look at Memorial Day as a recreational day, simply another day away from school or a paid day off of work. Military families and families of millions of

News & Society> Military l 2 years ago

In part 1 of this 2 part series, we examined the plight of most American citizens today. Sure, there's that 1% or so that are doing quite well, but the rest of us are struggling mightily. This is not

Finance > Personal Finance l 2 years ago

Who in this economy isn't tired of being broke? This scene is all too common. How many families are busting a hump just to make ends meet, and losing all of their savings in the process. That's not

Finance > Personal Finance l 2 years ago

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