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Richie Saunders

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I have worked in the field of self improvement and motivation for 17 years and I genuinely love what I do. I have created an online training program called 'Breaking your Shell' which shares much of the knowledge I have gained throughout my career with an aim to sharing it with as many people as possible. You can find this at my website -

I am a genuine man and I now present my life's work because I know that so many people in today's society struggle with life and the general 'unfairness' of society purely because they do not yet know how to really get the best out of themselves and how to have the most positive outlook and perception of the world we live in.

Having a positive outlook and gaining the most productive perception of the reality we live in can genuinely change everything for the better. Obviously this is hard when we are constantly pressured in work and manipulated by the media. When you learn how to think for yourself you find genuine reason for what you do. When you have genuine reason for what you do you tend to do it better and with more success. Life really can be that simple!

As I said I have made this my career successfully for 17 years however in the past everything I delivered was in the format of quite costly live sessions. I created the on-line course to make it more affordable to everyone. I genuinely hope you find joy and benefit in what I produce.

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This article is the first in a series I am writing sharing all of my knowledge built up over the last 17 years working in the field of self improvement and motivation. this first installment uses a

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