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Syed Ahmed Warsi

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My qualification from University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom in Business Management is extraordinary experience during 2009-2010. I did my degree with merit. Even University of Gloucestershire has placed my profile on their website which is for me a dream came true.

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No matter how old we are or how well educated we may consider ourselves. All of us are learning all the time, from each other, from our own experiences and from the happenings around us. University

Reference & Education> College University l 2 years ago

Grandparents and their grandchildren share a beautiful relationship. They become companions for each other. Grandparents mark wisdom, stability and knowledge.

Home & Family> Grandparenting l 2 years ago

There are no substitutes to water. It is by far the most crucial element of the Mother Nature. The human race should learn to optimize its use...

News & Society> Environmental l 2 years ago

It is perceived that the writer's work is easy. But not anymore.

Articles Categories> Writing & Speaking l 2 years ago

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