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Ian Nicholson has been a fan of dogs since he was ten years old. He has kept, bred and been involved with them for well over fifty years. Over that time he has gained an immense amount of hands on experience and knowledge about mans best friend.

He believes that all Dogs, even though they come in all shapes and sizes, has its own unique character and although they are almost human, we have to remember that they are not. A Dog is a Dog and always will be, no matter how we choose to think about them.

His knowledge and experience of animals, (dogs included) has been the accumulation of time spent in Animal husbandry, veterinary medicines and animal nutrition.

His practical experience in Animal husbandry taught him just how important to any animals welfare and comfort, is the right type of caring, living and feeding conditions. With proper care and attention any animal will thrive, be healthier and have less stress including its owner.

Someone once said to him that "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." His reply was "Knowledge can save a dogs life and make keeping a dog a better experience for both the pooch and its owner."

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How often do we read a novel or play and wonder how on earth the author came up with the storyline and where did the original idea come from? When writing many authors include snippets of their lives

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