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Namaste Everyone, and welcome to my magical world of infinite possibilities!

I always find it a bit daunting when asked to describe myself and my life. I see myself as a "nomad, chameleon, intuitive channel for healing energy, information junkie and an adventurous perennial student of life".

I was born in the UK, but have spent the majority of my life in my beloved South Africa. I have extensively explored and experienced holistic healing and was attuned as a Reiki Master at the sacred site of the Chalice Well gardens in Glastonbury, UK and was blessed to receive my Teacher attunement in the centre of the ancient stone circle at Stonehenge in 2002.

I am constantly reinventing myself and looking for new challenges. However, there are aspects of my makeup that have remained steady throughout my life and one of those is my passion for writing and sharing experiences and information that I have found useful.

For the longest time, I held a dream close to my heart of writing a book, but really didn't know what I wanted to write about. I worked for many years in the sailing and corporate world and later as a professional researcher before following my passion to author a book and work as a freelance researcher and writer.

It was only after cancer entered the arena of my life that I realised how much I had grown in myself as a result of that experience. I also came to realise how badly other people needed easy access to the information that I had found after hours and hours of trolling through mountains of cancer-related articles, websites, books and blogs.

My website emerged as a result of that initial desire to share what I had learned, followed by my book "Infinitely Possible - A Cancer Odyssey".

The book is based on the two-year journey through cancer I experienced with my life partner and how I coped with his dying. It's a biographical account, but peppered with helpful information, including links to numerous resources. It primarily describes how we created a positive, holistic healing approach that included the body, mind and soul.

Now in my middle years, I view my life as exciting, intriguing, sometimes heartbreaking, but a constant source of wonder and delight.

I wish you blessings of joy, peace and abundance and hope that you find value in my musings.

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