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Jack Foley

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This blog is about my two passions 1) Personal Development 2) Trading & Investing

When I talk about personal development, I get pumped up. I believe everyone has greatness inside them. Everyone has a gift. By immersing yourself in personal development, you change as a person. We live in a negative world. We live in a controlled society. You turn on your tv, read the newspaper, listen to the radio, primarily you will hear and see negativity. At the moment the world is going through some tough economic times and by God do we know it. Everywhere you turn, you have negativity in your face. By letting this stuff enter your mind, it can have in the long run detrimental effects on your health. Personal development is all about you taking control back. Outside forces want to control you, want to tell you how bad things are and they are doing a damn good job of it. You can stop that by saying no to negativity. Start putting positive information into your mind. Positivity in, positivity out. You will find plenty of that on my blog, that is my promise to you.

Secondly trading & investing. Ever since I entered this arena, I must say I have enjoyed it immensely. Also I think for the average run of the mill person who is looking to attain financial independence, I think investing is definitely one of the best vehicles out there. Why leave your money in the bank when you can earn 10-50% per year trading the stock markets depending on your level of risk?. On this blog, I provide daily updates as to what is happening to commodities, precious metals, equities, etc. For premium members, I send them out buy and sell signals when I am investing myself in a particular stock or fund.

Above all, I am a people's person. My mission is to help you. At any time if you are looking for advice, you can contact me in the contact bar. Above all wherever you are in your life journey, always remember the seven words of success "Never Give Up, Never Ever Give Up"

Sincerely Jack

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A lot of people engage in negative thinking either about other people or about themselves. A lot of people hold resentment for years - never letting go of the past. This definitely paints a picture

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