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As a fellow anxiety sufferer, I am here to help others who continually deal with anxiety. Although I may not be a mental health professional, I can at least relate to many others that battle against anxiety. In addition to my articles you can find more tips and tidbits at the website listed on my profile. Aside from sharing my wisdom about dealing with anxiety, I enjoy boxing, MMA, hanging out with friends & family, and spending time with my boyfriend.

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Chances are if you've experienced anxiety, you've also experienced depression and vice versa. Anxiety and depression come in 7 different forms according to psychiatrist Daniel G. Amen. Learn how this

Self Improvement> Stress Management l 2 years ago

In a prior article I covered the 7 types of anxiety and depression. Here I discuss natural treatment options for these 7 types. This info just might surprise you.

Self Improvement> Stress Management l 2 years ago

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